What is Artellite?

Artellite, is the ecommerce solution designed for the curated art world, which exists to lead the emerging, handpicked art market online.

Now with over 4,000 users and 65,000 + listed artworks, Artellite exists to solve and respond to the challenges the art market faces as it embraces the power of ecommerce.


Through our Artellite powered galleries, we offer a complete solution for both collectors and artists from entry level up to established.

Artellite has spent the last 14 years learning about how to not just sell art online, but how to manage vital relationships online. Specifically we understand those of the gallery and artist, the gallery and client and the artist and client. We have translated this into the system to make it easy and transparent for all involved. Artellite solves the conundrum of how to make money from art online.


We take the best of the offline art world and match it with the power of online.


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Our Brands

The Artellite technology powers a curated selection of the Art World's most exciting art businesses, online.

DegreeArt.com Ltd - Est. 2003 & focusing on handpicking & supporting promising, graduate artists.
Contemporary Collective -  The gallery for established artists who require a new level of representation for the increased benefit of their careers.
DegreeArt China - DegreeArt.cn is Artellite’s newest department showcasing talented artists, of Chinese origin or domicile.

Our Offering

We specialise in promoting handpicked artists and their artwork to collectors at all stages of their collecting careers.

  1. Collectors - engage with us to access talented artists and collect their artwork
  2. Interior Designers - we offer a full art consultancy service
  3. Artists - apply for representation